New York Roads - NY 165

NY 165

Most of NY 165 is 40-year old shields. I guess birds of a feather flock together. The first is on Joe Chamberlain Rd. NB in Worcester, and the second is to the east on Cemtery Rd. Click on the first photo for a shield closeup.

Doug and I headed north on Slate Hill Rd. (CR 5) for a little bit (as little as the shield numeral), turned around, and found another old shield.

We then crossed NY 165 onto Seward Lane, turned around, and found a fourth one. Oh, but we're not done.

Seward Ln. wraps around and re-crosses NY 165 to become CR 30. This is CR 30 WB at that spot for a total of five 40-year old shields on a fairly short route.

And that's the end.

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