New York Roads - NY 163

NY 163

Along the south bank of Otsquago Creek, and looking east in Fort Plain with a truss vaguely in the background (NY 5S). This historical marker with its tapered bottom predates the most common, Depression-era style you see below. I'd also like to point out that although these photos are technically eastbound from NY 80, they're actually due south, and then NY 163 "EB" turns right again to head west out of town on Douglas St. Not until Hessville does NY 163's trajectory gain an eastward component, and not until leaving Sprout Brook Rd. does 163 EB head any sort of north (except for a quick curve way up here on Douglas). My suggestion: swap state maintenance with Montgomery CR 88 on Ames Rd., sign 163 north-south, and it at least can pretend to be useful as a Canajoharie bypass.

WB into Sprout Brook, where I can actually say "west" with a straight face.

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