New York Roads - NY 160

NY 160

All photos are southbound, which was once westbound. Explanation to follow.

Well, the northern half of the route sure seems like an east-west road, since my "southbound" is getting the early morning winter sun backlighting these Scotch Church signs. The current Florida is down by NY 17A and NY 94. Oh, and there's one farther south than that, somewhere.

NY 160 briefly touches Montgomery County, so here's a combination route marker (CR 165) and milepost heading west from there. Why does Thayer Road matter on this page, though?

Oh, this. This old-style reference marker is on Thayer, not NY 160. So that now explains the "was once westbound" - NY 160 was a loop off of NY 5S to Scotch Church, instead of a connector down to Mariaville.

Back on the current route.

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