New York Roads - NY 143

NY 143

EB into Westerlo.

Just east of CR 1, CR 401 begins to the south with a characteristic wide Albany County shield.

Two more shield styles on CR 401 NB at that point. I'll call the first "lazy modernistic" for its clipped corners and tilted font, while the second is "modern AC classic" for retaining the 3-digit width but adopting the standard gold on blue colors.

Continuing EB through town. Albany's custom font is in ready supply here on anything with gold numbers.

WB in the same spot, featuring the previous-generation reference marker.

CR 412 bears left from NY 143 and turns the corner at Hannay Rd., a dead-end old alignment of 143. I've then turned around and come back.

Next historical sign, nearing NY 32, EB and WB.

In fact, this one's just a tiny bit closer to 32, at Clarksville South Rd.

This sign itself is historical, so I captured the EB and WB faces.

After all that, I finally take a look north on Clarksville S. Rd. This is as standard as Albany County shields get.

An eastbound run of old signs taking me all the way into Coeymans.

Coeymans, where they'll repaint the historical signs however they like. I think they were going for "patriotic" but ended up with "awkward." This being early morning, the WB face came out a lot brighter.

Older buildings to the north and south of NY 143 in downtown Coeymans.

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