New York Roads - NY 135

NY 135, Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway

It should have been renamed the Seaford-Syosset Expressway, because that's only as far as it's gone. There are stubs at both ends, clearly showing what you can see in this NYS Highway Condition Map: NY 135 would have extended to Oyster Bay to the north, and it would have curved westward to the Wantagh State Parkway in the south. In fact, it might have gone even farther north, all the way across Long Island Sound to I-287 (and thus become part of that Interstate), but that was just one of Robert Moses' crazier pipe dreams (like the I-495 bridge at the end of Long Island).

Where the SB lanes are forced to leave the freeway at Merrick Rd. The NB stripes begin early, before the exit - you'll see the same thing for the SB lanes at the other end at the bottom of this page. The contract ended on the south side of the Merrick Rd. underpass, or else there would barely be any stub here at all.

Turning around and heading north again, past that lonesome NY 135 reference marker that somehow got crunched despite being near no traffic. It's still on there firmly, or I'd have a souvenir of this visit (and it's better I don't, because I was visited by some friendly undercover men to make sure my intentions were pure).

One SB and one NB photo, courtesy Doug Kerr. The SB photo is for the button copy exit tabs, and the NB photo is for the SO parkway shields. Why can't the Southern State Parkway just be S? Sagtikos, the only other candidate, uses SA.

Dysfunction (and it's been there awhile) at the SB Exit 3 ramp.

More NB signs; the second photo's sign is almost an LGS, and doesn't fit with the BGS's along the route. Destinations aren't supposed to be in all-caps, just the street name.

Plains View Rd. SB at the Exit 9 onramp.

As I said before, destinations aren't supposed to be in all-caps. And the exit tab should be wide enough to not have to shrink its message. Again NB.

A long SB button copy (and only the button copy) run, courtesy Mike Byrnes because I only went NB.

The SOB Expressway (what a cute name!) gets whittled down to one NB lane at NY 25 and then ends.

Exit 1 to Merrick Rd.
Exit 2 to NY 27
Exit 4 to Southern State Parkway
Exit 7 to NY 24
Exit 10 to Old Country Rd.
Exit 12 to Northern State Parkway
Exit 13 to I-495
Exit 14 to NY 25
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