New York Roads - NY 12E

NY 12E NB uses straight structures to pass under an angled railroad on the west side of Watertown.

Along the northeastern bank of the Black River, by the rapids just west of the I-81 overpass. I can't find the history of the stone structure, which is located opposite the Reylea St. intersection.

Looking north up Glen St. in diminutive Glen Park.

Continuing north through the village. Are these signs hand-painted by the town? Or does Jefferson County just not understand fonts?

Bridge St. SB in Brownville and looking west along the Black River. The short connector to NY 12F is signed as if it's the terminal section of NY 12E (clipped from the background of the next photo), but in reality, it's just reference route 971H.

See? Travelers on NY 12F have no clue that Bridge St. isn't itself part of NY 12E.

Back north across the bridge, and looking east.

More route fuzziness. Whether or not Bridge St. is NY 12E, northbound is to the left. NYSDOT won't sign south to the right even though it's technically correct. I liked the shield on NY 12F better than the NY 12E offerings (here and at top).

A bit of Brownville history.

Continuing on to Chaumont, there's a former railroad bridge crossing the Chaumont River upstream. But that's not all Chaumont has to offer:

How about an old alignment? Circle Drive on the west side of the river, here heading EB, is the original NY 12E before the obvious bridge replacement.

Circle Dr. has its own view of the railroad bridge remains.

Back north(west) to my car.

NB historical signs entering Clayton. Pronounce the names carefully, especially when children are present.

Ignoring the "Penet" predicament, I got a clearer SB photo of this sign to help you learn Algonquin.

Continuing north, at Front St.

NY 12E's northern end (like its southern end) is at NY 12. This looks north from there along James St.

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