New York Roads - NY 120A

NY 120A

All photos are southbound.

South of here, NY 120A is a well-behaved route. North of here, not pictured, it wreaks havoc, playing around on the CT borderline and spending most of its time in that other state. But there is no CT 120A - it retains its status and maintenance as a New York highway despite being over mile into enemy territory at times. The border jumping causes the reference numbers to reset each time, pushing them into the 5000s by the end of the route, the highest I've ever seen and amazing for such a short route.

Continuing into downtown Port Chester, where NY 120A turns right at the statue onto Pearl St. While sometimes shown to end at US 1 on Pearl on maps, 120A actually turns west on Westchester Ave. to come back to parent NY 120.

Onto Hutchinson River Pkwy.
Onto CT 15, Merritt Pkwy.
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