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NY 117

Phelps Way is an aborted expressway in Westchester County, but half of that abortion is no fault of its own. The western extension (which I cover here) was intended to connect with I-487, which was never constructed (it would have been a US 9 freeway from Tarrytown to Beacon, I-87/287 to I-84). The eastern extension, which leaves no trace of its incompletion, would have extended over to and alongside the Saw Mill River Parkway, all the way up to I-684, providing trucks with a bit of a shortcut between 87/287 and 684, but certainly not enough to justify a disruptive freeway. Old NY 117 became NY 448.

Starting westbound approaching US 9, with the second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. The signs in that photo are by no means right next to each other, but they come from different photos, so I sutured them together without regard for the space between them. My own photo didn't come out for these signs, or else the button copy has been replaced.

Continuing westward, under a trail overpass, over US 9, to the end of the freeway that will never be extended. It tails pretty nicely into Rockwood Road, but has to follow a rather sharp S-curve. State maintenance ends just around the curve, where you can see the guiderail ending in the last photo.

Looking back eastward, then actually turning around, as the one SB lane of Rockwood Road becomes the two EB lanes of NY 117.

These aren't actually on NY 117, since Phelps Way is an expressway and all, but it follows Old Sleepy Hollow Road, which then has a northward link to regular Sleepy Hollow Road, and... you get the idea. Because of 117's grade separations, the road here is actually NY 448 - turn west on Sleepy Hollow Rd., then north at the major junction. The first sign is on Sleepy Hollow Rd. WB by Pocantico Lake, and the second faces NB traffic.

Signal Ahead and divided highway signs, those are mounted upside-down all the time. But when it has words? Really? See if they've fixed this yet, NB in Pleasantville. (NY 117 is really a north-south route, but it was easier to refer to Phelps Way as east-west.)

SB leaving NY 120.

A dying breed of NY-standard overhead guide sign, NB at NY 133.

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