New York Roads - (Old) NY 111

NY 111 (old alignment)

This is indeed the NY 111 page, but along the whole route, there's only one part I found interesting, and it's where NY 111 used to go up near its northern end. Photos start and end at the top of Mt. Pleasant Rd., just south of 111's end in Smithtown.

Here's the end of Mt. Pleasant Rd. As you see, NY 111 is right there. As near as I can tell, once upon a time NY 111 didn't curve quite as far to the west and ran into Mt. Pleasant Rd. right at the Woodhollow Rd. intersection (seen here), then continuing onto the old alignment you're about to see.

Right after the stub end there is a stretch of pavement with center lines in various degree of fading. I'm not sure whether to trust any of the three pairs I can see here (the oldest one is to the left of the weeds in the center of the road). The only validating explanation would be that the two alternate sets were laid down as the new NY 111 alignment was being constructed, requiring traffic to shift as far to the right or left as possible, and for some reason were not completely removed - that's the part I'm not sure I can buy.

Walking north up former NY 111. The old bridge is gone ahead, hence the new green guiderail. The brown stuff on either side of the road is original, but not very old, and curiously not NY's standard cable rail.

See, instead the road crosses this makeshift wooden footbridge. There's a bit more path on the other side, and then a parking lot sits on top of the rest.

Back south across the bridge, past the rail, and back to the stub.

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