New York Roads - Northfield Tunnel

Northfield Tunnel

Walking north just east of Russell Rd. in Merrickville. This was a railroad from 1890 to 1957, replacing an alignment of the New York, Ontario, & Western with multiple switchbacks.

Walking back south to the southern access point, where you are treated to an old telegraph pole and some old building's foundation beyond. Telegraph lines often followed railroad tracks to avoid purchasing right-of-way with a side benefit of easy maintenance.

Views of the wall next to the track, built up or blasted as needed to maintain a level alignment. The tunnel's not that deep overall, but it apparently was more economical than blasting through the rest of the gap.

The southern tunnel portal, majestic and my feet are already freezing.

Interesting ice.

Walking north through the tunnel, always with at least a pinpoint of light in each direction to keep you sane. Ice over the west half of the north portal renders light in a pleasing two-tone.

An old railroad tie along the way.

A tiny hole in the concrete is enough to get a large ice stalagmite (ice curtain?) growing. Most of the cool ones are by the south portal.

The path north of the tunnel gradually comes back to grade. My feet are still freezing, so it's time to turn around.

The walls and the icicles in the southern direction. I would call the formation here an icefall based on the water cascading down the hill and I'm glad it left me a spot to duck in and out of the tunnel.

Back south toward warm feet. For the last photo, I lightened the original photo enough to see the tunnel walls, which washed out the south portal. I then wondered if pasting that back over the original image would let me see more of the tunnel mouth. The result earned being the last image on this page.

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