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How did that new-fangled Suffolk-exclusive shield end up on a button copy sign? It must have been patched on recently.

New York encourages you to break the law - 20 miles at 55 MPH is more than 20 minutes, even after rounding. Also notice the difference between Long Island parkway shields (middle for Meadowbrook) and those of the rest of the state (right). The only issue I have is that I've seen Belt Parkway shields of the Long Island variety, but the Belt (like the Cross Island) is entirely within NYC limits - so which way are Brooklyn and Queens supposed to go?

Back in 2008, I caught the last sign in a state of disarray. Apparently it was salvageable after having been knocked off of its pole, because here it is again in 2012. Click to see what I saw years ago.

The button copy skips a few exits, and at first only comes back half-heartedly. Click for an older photo, courtesy Doug Kerr, that also shows the Northern State pull-through BGS in button copy. Even then, both signs had the same destination of New York, which usually isn't the standard practice but in this case New York wants to make sure traffic is distributed as evenly as possible between the two roads.

Between Exits 25 and 24, the Northern State dies at the New York City line and becomes Grand Central Parkway.

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