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Actually, there IS a BGS here (I forget where), but NY is really behind the ball replacing button-copy letters and signage. Maybe it's something about I-495 - check out this sign on MA 9.

Just a couple of bad photos of LI parkway signage, along with a diagrammatic. This is the beginning of the Meadowbrook, and is the reason why there is a LIE (I-495)-Northern State connector a few miles to the west.

One more bad photo. Trucks aren't allowed on parkways for the reason so interestingly depicted here - they could crunch one of the bridges.

Remnants of button copy.

A few more, all courtesy Mike Byrnes. I must have skipped a few exits.

All that's left of button copy at Exit 35 is one exit tab, so I'll keep Doug Kerr's three photos up here.

Savor the illogic of having two lettered Exit 36's (N-S precedes A-B), thanks to the later construction of the NY 135 freeway between Exits 36 and 37.

The 1/2 mile advance sign for Exit 42 is courtesy Doug Kerr. The 231 shield's bottom should be a V with straight, not curved, sides.

Former median rest area, now rendered inaccessible. Despite the difficulty in exiting and entering a parkway on the left (like doing it for a freeway but without merge lanes), I would love to see this converted into a museum of New York parkway history.

Although Exit 43 is signed to CR 4, the traffic light is at a much more interesting route, CR 67, known as the original Long Island Motor Parkway and now the only drivable part of the old road.

Past plenty more button copy and a poorly assembled height sign near New Highway in Smithtown to the end of Northern State Parkway. NY 347 picks up spiritually where the parkway leaves off (and was extended along NY 454 so that they both end at the same point), but in reality they would have had different alignments and intersected to the east.

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