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Nassau County

Two newer signs, both a lot uglier than the old styles. The second one isn't a state issued sign, though, so I hold out hope that some standards still exist. (Particularly the font.) Grumman Blvd. was renamed Hickey Blvd. after the aircraft company departed.

This old speed limit in Hempstead comes via Doug Kerr, but was taken by John Krakoff.

An old sign of a different sort, in Hempstead.

I can't tell whether this North Hempstead sign is old or just in the old style. It's along I.U. Willets Rd.

SB and NB on Cedar Swamp Rd. in Glen Cove.

School St. NB, also Glen Cove.

Embossed, Bayville Ave., Bayville.

Something as cool as Raynham Hall deserves a photo of the building as well. It's on Main St. in Oyster Bay.

Abandoned Long Island Motor Parkway

Cove Road, Oyster Bay
Glen Cove Road and Avenue
Merrick Road
Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn
Peninsula Boulvard
Wantagh Avenue, former NY 115
NY 25
NY 25A
NY 25B
Union Turnpike, former NY 25C
NY 27
NY 106
NY 107
NY 135
Bethpage State Parkway
Meadowbrook State Parkway
Northern State Parkway
Ocean Parkway
Southern State Parkway
Wantagh State Parkway
Nassau's unposted county routes on Nathan Perry's Empire State roads
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