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Mosholu Parkway

To the uninitiated, this is the parking lot east of the Parkway at its Southern Blvd. terminus. To the initiated, you don't just build a bridge over a railroad to carry a parking lot. This would have been the NB lanes of Mosholu Pkwy. if the dualization didn't randomly end 2 blocks north at Marion Ave. for some reason.

Northbound at Jerome Ave., running underneath the elevated 4 line. You know this is an original NYC parkway with a clearance like 7'-8", to keep out the buses that could potentially mix races at Robert Moses' precious beaches.

SB views of this 1910 span. That's right, the bridge predates the Parkway. It was built over the "Mosholu Parkway" back when that name referred to the way that the park followed, not a road therein.

I will hold onto my belief that the Sedgwick Ave. intersection was intended to be a circle for as long as possible. Here more than anywhere, it appears that the SB service road was intended to be the SB carriageway. In fact, it might have even been such before the Parkway was routed under Jerome Ave. in the 1930s.

Just a fire hydrant. Whatchu lookin at?

I believe I've captured all three arches of a bridge over a golf course path by the north end of the Parkway. The small center arch is the actual path, while the larger arches on either side go unused. Of course, that wasn't always the case. The western arch (2nd photo) overcrossed the New York and Putnam Railroad, while the eastern arch (1st photo) was for a path that crossed the railroad on the south side of the Mosholu, then peeled off and looped under itself and the Parkway. You got me why it couldn't just connect to the golf course path.

Saving the most interesting for last, this reference marker is hiding in the underbrush north of I-87. I would be more specific, but it took me a lot of getting lost to find it, so all I know is it's not too far from the mainline and I think it's SB based on the "A". Mosholu Pkwy. is now secret NY 908F, but it started out as part of an X system with 1X (Hutchinson River Pkwy., 2X (Triboro Bridge), 8X (Pelham Pkwy.), and 9X (Bailey Ave. in the Bronx). There may or may not have been others, such as Henry Hudson Parkway and Bronx River Parkway.

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