New York Roads - Robert Moses State Pkwy.

Robert Moses State Parkway

The Parkway has a wye stub into Fort Niagara State Park. Had Lake Ontario State Parkway been completed throughout its intended length, it would probably have followed this stub to end in the park, and Robert Moses State Pkwy. would have ended at the wye. Instead, all three legs of the wye are part of the Parkway, so here I'll give you the most interesting WB sign, a U-turn shortly before the end.

Parkway mainline

Abandoned Parkway in Niagara Reservation State Park

The wye stub is inventoried as SR 958A, whereas the Parkway mainline is SR 957A. But for some reason, the mile markers along the stub all list 957A, albeit with an "R" in the second position on the bottom row as if it's a ramp complex. Quite a long ramp, since the first of these EB markers is over a mile (the 1 [point] 1 at the end) from the mainline.

May as well put this one here for consistency, a mile marker on the U-turn ramp from the Parkway SB to NB that completes the missing EB stub to Parkway NB wye movement. Oddly, this one doesn't have the "R".

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