New York Roads - Montgomery Co.

Montgomery County

Montgomery CR 122, Auriesville Rd., NB. This is a typical way for Montgomery County to tell you it controls a route - tiny milemarker with a tinier route number.

Very old signs in Amsterdam. The relic yield is on Division St. EB at Market St.

Kings Rd. heading east away from Amsterdam, which according to the first sign is The King's Highway. In fact, there are many signs proclaiming this, and most would be in better focus, but the point of this photo is that this is the only green one, and see, New York never painted these signs green anywhere except immediately west of Albany.

This looks like a state-erected sign, but it's on Bridge St. NB. Maybe the state built the bridge because it crosses the Erie Canal?

Fort Hunter and Tribes Hill
Temporary I-90, Fort Hunter
NY 5
NY 30
NY 30A
NY 163
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