New York Roads - Meadowbrook Pkwy./Loop Pkwy.

Meadowbrook State Parkway and Loop Parkway

All roads should start with a history lesson.

All roads should avoid signs like this SB one, courtesy Mike Byrnes.

Taking that exit, enjoy a drive on Loop Parkway WB.

Speaking of Loop Parkway, this is Lido Blvd. EB in Point Lookout at its beginning. I mean, sure you can get to all parkways eventually, but some of them are nowhere near Long Island, or even in New York. This sign should make a much more qualified statement.

Fun with numbers, southbound nearing Jones Beach (numbers increase heading south, so the parkway starts at the Northern State and ends at Ocean Parkway). Without the trailing "M" (used to distinguish these exits from those on nearby, similarly numbered parkways), the E would be right next to the 9. Granted, the average American may find M9E too confusing as an exit number, but I think spacing the M away from the digit is a lot cleaner.

NB to the Jerusalem Ave. overpass just north of Southern State Pkwy.

NB at Exit 2, there is actually no fault with the signage - it may have been designed to put Zeckendorf heading in both directions, but the Roosevelt Field Mall knows better.

Exit M9 to Merrick Rd.
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