New York Roads - Marine Pkwy. Br./Flatbush Ave.

(secret NY 901B) and Flatbush Avenue

This is on Flatbush Ave. SB in the Belt Parkway interchange, leading to the trailblazer at top just before the toll plaza. This one is gone, but the one at top remains (for now).

Before LaGuardia, before JFK, Floyd Bennett Field was New York City's commercial airport. Its flying days are long past, but it now allows driving on the old runways. Create your own motorsports course!

Back out to Flatbush Ave., the only road with access and the reason these photos live on this page. This sign is missing just about everything except the square shape and arrows.

The Marine Parkway Bridge toll plaza. The old neon overheads would light up the lane number if open along with, I believe, the digit corresponding to the toll collector's number. (Perhaps more than one digit, since "0" is a terrible number to assign someone.) Note: The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority does not exist anymore. Heck, the Triborough Bridge doesn't even exist anymore. The Authority is part of the MTA, though the highway group will always be referenced internally and externally as TBTA, just like the RFK Bridge will never be called that.

Southbound across the steel-grate decked drawbridge to the Rockaways.

A closeup of the ancient dynamic message sign, which I think could only display this one message.

Looking east from Roxbury, a small settlement just west of the south end of the bridge.

Unlike the photo on the Beach Channel Drive page (link below), the newer version of the Brooklyn sign on Rockaway Point Blvd. EB has a higher toll rate, allows E-ZPass, and doesn't tell you to PAY TOLL in button copy capital letters. For at least two of those three changes, I prefer the older sign.

One last view of the bridge, from Beach Channel Dr. WB. Again, I have another version on that page.

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