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Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan entrance to the Manhattan Bridge, across from which some popular Chinatown bus lines operate to Boston, Wilmington, and elsewhere.

Eastbound to Brooklyn, mixing in some southward views of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world for twenty years. The diagonal cables were originally added because Washington Roebling (son of the world-famous engineer John) wasn't comfortable with a factor of safety of only 4. Nowadays, bridges are built with factors of safety of less than 3, and many structures are half that. (A factor of 1 would be designed to handle the maximum anticipated loads.)

Back west to Manhattan.

You can also click here and drive west with a video instead of just photos.

Looking east from under FDR Drive around Exit 3, making the connection toward the bridge.

Jay St. NB at Sands St. in Brooklyn, with that end of the bridge rising slowly overhead.

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