New York Roads - Main St. Apalachin/old NY 17

Main St., Apalachin - Former NY 17

Entering Main St. (old NY 17) on the west side of Apalachin, this sign must be as old as the bypass that is now NY 434, itself the most recent old alignment of NY 17. The second photo is the tail end of Main St. WB.

Main St. EB across Apalachin Creek.

Now west over this 1929 span.

The sign at the southeast corner of the bridge says "1932" at the bottom, but I guarantee you this does not date to 1932. The one it replaced did, I'm sure.

I'm now on a street supposedly called Kuenzli Rd. heading south, but it's really original NY 17 EB. This was the creek crossing until the 1929 truss opened, and I'm sure it persisted for several years thereafter. This is the oldest of 4 parallel alignments of NY 17, each built closer to the North Branch Susquehanna River over time.

Looking north at Main St. and then back west on Kuenzli Rd.

There's a longer, more certainly named section of the oldest NY 17 alignment on the east side of the creek. This is Wayside Lane west from McFall Rd. to its own dead (STOP) end. Thanks to fading, trespassing, glass bottles, or open containers are now required instead of prohibited. Choose one or be prosecuted.

Getting cozy with the eastern bridge abutment.

Looking across the creek at the western abutment and Kuenzli Rd.

Artifacts of this being a through road. The hydrant may still be useful for houses on the dead-end, but the manhole isn't doing much without a road around it.

Back east on Wayside Lane to its merge into Main St., where oldest alignment meets older. Main St. then meets NY 434 on the east side of Apalachin and there are only two parallel NY 17 alignments instead of four.

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