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If I had any more of NY 410 than SB over the 1955 Black River bridge, it would have its own page.

If I had any common sense, I would not have driven down Old State Rd. NB to the 1891 Deer River Bridge in the snow, because I then had to get back uphill in the snow in a compact FWD car without snow tires. Other than snow getting in the way of my photos, everything seemed fine on the descent, but my car was literally going 1 mph by the top of that hill and I was trying not to wonder how many hours I'd be stuck before I was plowed out.

I am told this sign, courtesy John Krakoff, is still on CR 39 on the south side of town as of 2021.

Croghan Island Mill Bridge
NY 3
Old NY 3
NY 12
NY 12D
NY 26
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NY 812
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