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Brooklyn (Kings County)

Somewhere in Greenpoint, you can probably ignore it without being ticketed.

As you can see from the closeup, this sign faced Hudson Ave. at Willoughby St. It doesn't anymore because Hudson Ave. no longer connects here, which may be why the name was blued out (or it just faded). NYC used this style of street sign in the first half of the 20th century.

Another thing that's about a century old is cobblestone pavement, which you could see on Gardner St. SB at Cherry St. until the new Kosciuszko Bridge was built. That's because this street was repaved and the new bridge is directly over this spot. In fact, this block of Cherry St. has been obliterated.

Enjoy this 1940s (approximately) New York City one-way sign, still up on Ave. X at McDonald Ave. in Brooklyn. Search for it among the pillars of the elevated train.

Atlantic Ave. WB (1st photo) and EB under the L train at East New York Ave., the westward extension of better-known Jamaica Ave.

Broadway west from Jamaica Ave. under the J-Z subway lines, they of Jay-Z fame.

Turned onto Myrtle Ave. and heading west under the former elevated line that ran as far as Jay St. until 1969. These remnants form a third level flying over Broadway, which may be why they were not demolished with the rest of the extension in 1969. It's still the M line to the east, but that now joins J-Z on Broadway instead.

Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Williamsburg Bridge
I-278 (Verrazano Narrows and Kosciuszko Bridges, Gowanus and Brooklyn-Queens Expwys.)
Underneath the Gowanus Expressway
Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel (I-478)
Marine Parkway Bridge and Flatbush Ave.
Belt Parkway
Ocean Parkway
NY 27 (Prospect Expwy., Linden Blvd.)
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