New York Roads - Jerome Ave., Bronx

Jerome Avenue, Bronx

All photos are northbound (or intersecting westbound).

E. 164th St. WB at Jerome Ave. by Yankee Stadium. I feel like it would be a lot faster to turn left and get on I-87 in either direction toward these bridges than to stay on a two-lane street under a subway line with parked cars and poorly timed traffic signals.

Messages repeated in similar but different ways approaching Edward L. Grant Highway, which leads to Washington Bridge to Manhattan and I-95. Jerome Ave. has a full interchange, but turning gets you there faster. As far as ahead, the wide shields are ubiquitous in the Bronx, but I do prefer the new-issue state name shields.

Remember these from 164th St.? Here they are again where Jerome Ave. picks up River Ave. and the overhead 4 line.

Here's that 4 line. You'll be seeing a lot of it from here on, because that's all anyone can see on this street.

Coming in from Gerard Ave. and continuing the photo run under the el. I should have mentioned that you'd see a lot more wide shields as well, and one hand-painted clearance sign on the Mt. Eden Avenue station.

Looking east from the Jerome Ave. to I-95 SB entrance ramp at Walton Ave. over the Cross Bronx Expwy. and Grand Concourse over that.

Starting at 177th St., I then come to another I-95 shield. Why? Maybe if there's a closure of the direct ramp onto I-95, traffic can use Tremont Ave. around to University Ave. But not without an arrow. By the last photo, we're up to Burnside Ave. and its Station.

Out from the station and on to Fordham Rd., where i make my exit. Don't worry, I'm in a bike lane in the first photo. No one has to drive through that.

233rd St. WB, ending at Jerome Ave. just south of I-87 Exit 13.

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