New York Roads - I-86/NY 17/I-81 construction

I-86/NY 17 and I-81 interchange construction

All photos are from March 2014.

Heading east on NY 17/future I-86 into the work zone that will allow this to become I-86 and down local Exit 71. The curve around Prospect Mountain won't be 100% up to standards, but it'll have an improved radius and a lot better connections across the Chenango River into Binghamton, and the FHWA signed off on that.

If I hadn't exited, this follows NY 17 around the existing tight curve onto the existing EB bridge with new bridges being built around it. The old configuration was two bridges splitting into a wye on the west side, but the I-86 and I-81 mainlines will have separate bridges going forward to facilitate better interchange geometry. During construction, the normally-2 lane freeway mainlines are down to a single lane each with barrier everywhere.

But I did exit, so here's Prospect Ave. WB alongside the new embankment. This will eventually be sodded over and look "natural."

Prospect Ave. at Mygatt St., the only connection north to the houses, parks, and more atop Prospect Mountain.

Following Mygatt St. to La Grange St., this continues west on the north side of NY 17. There's no underpass there, so it must be a culvert.

Up to the top of La Grange Street's hill, looking east at the ongoing north-side widening.

In winter, the east end of La Grange St. (Ridge St.) almost gives you a peek at the new bridges taking shape.

Coming back out from that area, Mygatt St. SB has a special treat of old shields that are definitely gone now.

I crossed the river on Bevier St. (Broome CR 145) and got this southward view of the old WB bridge (green) and the new ones taking shape behind it.

Chenango St. NB and SB under the massive underpass at the east-side I-86/I-81 merge and diverge. I found Batman!

For best construction views, have stopped at Cheri A. Lindsey Memorial Park at the southeast corner of the bridge. Sorry, past tense now.

Walking north with some views of the eastern abutments new and old.

Closing with the best part, westward views of bridges partially built and soon to be demolished.

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