New York Roads - I-781


New York's newest Interstate is so new, it was still under construction when I visited at the 2011 Watertown Road Meet. All photos are from the meet.

My tour starts on Goulds Corner Rd. NB, temporarily closed for overpass construction. Something I haven't seen before: a custom-built machine to form an entire barrier in one pass, instead of casting it in place with forms.

A closer look at said machine.

Looking east from the overpass at the paved EB and unpaved WB future Interstate, heading toward the US 11 interchange (now Exit 4, the only mile-based number in New York as of 2013).

Same sort of thing, but facing west. The power lines in the background follow Nellis Rd., now cut in half to avoid building parallel, redundant overpasses.

Let's try this again, heading NB but this time taking the low road instead of the high road. I'm then looking west along the future EB and WB lanes at ground level.

EB views as if I were driving on the incomplete freeway, continuing east to the US 11 interchange. The future overpass abutment is built, but what looks like a lot of recycled materials to be incorporated in the new roadway are just piled on top of it. Maybe it's all there to surcharge the soil before the road is built. The ramp will be a SPUI, from which you can see the right-turn ramp split off in the background.

Looking west up the future EB US 11 offramp and onto the mainline.

Now looking north, at the new west abutment and the future WB onramp behind it.

A different vantage point, looking southwest from the east side of US 11.

From there, looking south at the new east abutment and east up the future WB offramp at the end of I-781, Fort Drum's front door.

This is a video, not a photo, so it's allowed to be from 2014 instead of 2011. Drive east with me as far as I dare.

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