New York Roads - I-678 SB

I-678 Southbound

Approaching the Whitestone Bridge. Click on the first photo for a 1970's Michael Summa version - it's the same sign, but you get an extra button-copy advance sign to go with it.

The arrows for that SB sign are a bit messed up - and what happened to the exit numbers? This interchange includes the Grand Central Parkway, just on the other side of the World's Fair area, as well as Northern (NY 25A) and Astoria Boulevards. Only the first sign is on I-678; the rest are on the exit "ramp" (that's more of a freeway in itself). The reason for the space above the last Astoria Blvd. sign is that I-678 was actually supposed to use this exit freeway as a truck-friendly alternative to the Grand Central, continuing west toward I-278. Presumably, trucks would have then been allowed between the end of the Brooklyn-Queens Expwy. and the Triboro Bridge, whereas they still are forced to exit 278 now. Given the importance of having a connection to JFK Airport, this makes me wonder that if I-678 had gone this way, I-295 (then still I-78 in anticipation of freeway network completion) may have been completed south to I-878 (also still I-78 at that time) as an alternative. Otherwise, the Van Wyck may have still been built but with a different number - I-578?

One more SB exit before I leave for I-495. I'm taking Exit 12A, which only indirectly leads to I-495 by way of College Point Blvd., but at least I get to see an outlined Interstate shield while I wait for the light to change.

Onto the freeway from the Grand Central Parkway EB, and then off the Exit 6 ramp for a couple of photos (taken from the mainline because they're on a C-D road that includes the Exit 8 and 9 onramps).

The freeway width is maximized to get as much shoulder as possible for safety, so here where it butts up against the slip ramp, the exit gore sign has to be as narrow as possible.

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