New York Roads - I-678 NB

I-678 Northbound

Leaving JFK Airport on the Van Wyck Expressway NB, which is I-678 even inside airport property. I managed to get an Exit A photo with added roadgeek value - the exit tab should be on the right like on the other side, because that's where the exit is. The NY 878 shield should actually resemble an NY shield (i.e. V-shaped bottom), and the I-678 shield should be on a 3-digit template, not a stretched 2-digit (I call these bubble shields). Finally, NYCDOT signs take over in the last two photos - the last one is on the Exit 1A ramp visible from the mainline.

Not a lot of button copy over the "local" lanes - actually the merged ramps from NY 27, Belt Parkway, and a connector from the I-678 mainline "express" lanes that includes NY 878 traffic. Just a couple of exit tabs and one advance sign.

Click for closeup of the last sign, so you can see the condition of the 25 shield and learn why it's called button copy.

A run of northbound signage, third photo courtesy Doug Kerr. The Grand Central Parkway turns at I-678 for a short distance, running parallel on the west side of the World's Fair grounds, and is responsible for carrying all NB-WB and EB-SB non-truck traffic betwen I-495 and I-678.

Not button copy, but old, the next sign on I-678 NB at the split.

Approaching the Whitestone Bridge, all but the second photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Note how the older signs in the NYC area tend to fail to keep track of direction, la California. Also, in my second photo, notice the outline of the old (state-name, I'm sure) shield behind the newer ugly one.

Approaching the bridge, which is the next photo, conveniently enough.

The last picture is on the Bruckner Interchange ramp from I-678 NB. The second one is courtesy Doug Kerr. Click on the third one to see how the signs looked in the 1970's, courtesy Michael Summa - same signs, a little clearer, minus a few banners.

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Exit 1 onto NY 878
Exit 1 onto the Belt Parkway
Exit 1 to NY 27
Exit 8 to Union Tpke.
Exit 9 to NY 25
Exit 10 to the Grand Central Parkway
Follow signs to I-495, the Long Island Expressway
Exit 13 to NY 25A
Exit 16 to the Cross Island Parkway
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At the Bruckner Interchange, pick up I-95 or I-278 or continue on the Hutchinson River Parkway
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