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27th St. NB in Long Island City under the Horace Harding Expwy. viaduct, now all just known as the Long Island Expwy.

On down the ramp to I-278 WB and the Kosciuszko Bridge, 2nd photo courtesy Doug Kerr. The pedestrian overpass has been replaced by boring concrete with no arc to it.

The Manhattan skyline from the I-495 EB ramp to I-278 EB, featuring 432 Park Avenue under constructionat far right.

Near Shea Stadium on the Exit 22 C-D road. The first two photos are on the left and right sides of the same gantry, because I didn't want to sacrifice the quality to make a single photo narrow enough to fit the page.

The last two photos are more Doug Kerr signage, including one on the EB ramp to Horace Harding Expressway South, the EB surface road for I-495. In other words, the Cross Island Pkwy. interchange is not strictly a full freeway connection, though I believe there is no impediment to traffic on the service roads. There is no EB-NB or SB-WB connection.

Comment time. The first and third pictures are Doug Kerr's. Exit 31 is what the Cross Island Parkway is from I-495. This WAS Exit 30, but after a massive reconstruction (you can see construction barrels in the last photo), it turned magically into 31. With exit numbers changing all over the place in the NYC area, most by just one or two numbers, this can't possibly add to the confusion. Well, heck, people go by names and not numbers here anyway (what's the last time someone called the Cross Bronx "95"?). As near as I can tell, that last photo is on the Horace Harding Expressway North. Due to interchange reconfiguration, the last photo completely doesn't exist anymore - there's only one WB Exit 31, versus the two Exit 30's that once were.

Second photo courtesy Doug Kerr. The last photo is part of an assembly that had button copy on the right as well - click for Doug Kerr's older version.

Last two photos courtesy Doug Kerr because the signs are gone now. Photo before that courtesy Mike Byrnes because his came out way better than mine.

The third photo is courtesy Doug Kerr. The last two are next to each other, one over the mainline and one over the C-D road.

Onto the Exit 22A C-D road.

Think there's enough room for those exit numbers? Nah, let's make sure homeless people can sleep in the exit tab shade. And why are they patched? That one I don't even have a witty comeback for, as the exit numbers have never changed. The last two photos are off of Exit 17, which leads to the underside of I-495 and the C-D road down there. There are more photos of the structure on the I-278 page, but here you get to see old sign and shields (since replaced, as the 2nd photo shows).

Over the hill toward Manhattan.
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See the Queens-Midtown Expwy. viaduct from Borden Ave.

Exit 17 to I-278, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
Exit 22A to Grand Central Parkway
Exit 22B to I-678, the Van Wyck Expwy.
Exit 27 to I-295, the Clearview Expwy.
Exit 27 or 72 to NY 25
Exit 30 to the Cross Island Parkway
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