New York Roads - I-495 - Nassau/Suffolk Cos.

in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

All photos are either eastbound or not on the freeway.

Searingtown Rd. NB with a sign that exhibits floating shield syndrome (you would not see the rest of the sign at night) and a classic Long Island overpass at I-495 Exit 36.

EB signage at Exit 38, showing the new-style lettered shield for Long Island parkways, and two old button-copy signs (daylight one courtesy Doug Kerr, and despite the right arrow, no, the exit's not for awhile yet).

WB button copy, courtesy Mike Byrnes. I clipped out the unimportant parts.

Dysfunction abounds. I-495 was built out here as NY 495, so the milemarkers show "495" instead of "495I." Signs at every parkway have multiple warnings below, leading to a phenomenon that may be best described as "layer cake syndrome." On the right side of the last photo, notice that CR 4 is squeezing out the sides. I bet there was just a county route shield there, and then people complained they didn't know what road it was, so NYSDOT added the street name. Problem is, you're not supposed to mix numbers, names, and destinations all on one sign, maybe to prevent exactly what happened here.

I-495 hasn't been NY 495 since 1983, but this was still up when Doug Kerr photographed it.

The EB I-495 frontage road in the Exit 49 area, then turning to cross the highway on Wellwood Ave., Suffolk CR 3. I assume NY 110 NB (the main target of Exit 49) was temporarily closed across I-495.

Not sure how old this EB sign is, since it was taken by Doug Kerr, but the centered exit tab makes me think it's button-copy.

No doubt about these EB and WB signs, courtesy Mike Byrnes.

Suffolk County naturally uses wide shields, as seen in the first photo. On overhead signs they can get ridiculously wide, as seen in the second photo.

The Exit 67 ramp merges with a magical frontage road that appears out of nowhere. On the other side, it disappears just as mysteriously.

Typical eastern Long Island onramp assembly.

All the way up to the sudden end of I-495. Clearly this was supposed to continue - plans had it going another 13 miles, and then having a different false end where it might have eventually connected to a cross-Long Island Sound bridge. Those plans are unfortunately pretty dead.

The 1975 version of overhead signage, courtesy Michael Summa.

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