New York Roads - I-490 - Exit 12 and W.

Exit 12 and west

Picking only the best for you from the EB beginning of I-490 (ending with the shield atop this page). For example, I cropped out a regular Exit 1 BGS (looks very much like the button copy one) in the second photo.

WB sunset in Churchville.

Strange 3's on the NY 33 shields in this EB button copy run.

East from NY 531 to where I-390 turns into NY 390.

The entrance ramp from NY 390 SB adds a very tiny lane on the left.

The beginning of Rochester construction means that due to reconfigured lanes, the arrows are by and large no longer valid. Click on the second photo to see the pre-construction version with the shield, courtesy Doug Kerr. The fourth photo, on the EB C-D road, is also from Doug - click on it to see a closeup of the left sign with the button-copy 490 shield that I photographed. The Exit 10B sign has been patched over as an Exit 11 advance sign; the cloverleaf loop is closed and I believe it's not going to reopen.

The next set of EB construction photos. Click on the first photo for the old version, courtesy Doug Kerr. Click on the third and fourth photos, courtesy Doug Kerr, for the construction versions that I photographed. Notice that, in the fourth photo, the signs have been moved from a standalone gantry onto the new overpass.

On the left and right sides at the top of the EB Exit 12 ramp.

All WB, third photo courtesy Doug Kerr. This is the last state-name shield in the WB direction, and there's also one in the EB direction west of the city. Click on the last photo to see the pre-construction version with the I-490 shield, courtesy Doug Kerr.

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