New York Roads - I-490/Inner Loop - Exit 13 and E.

I-490 and Inner Loop, Exit 13 and east

I-490 EB; click on either photo for the old versions courtesy Doug Kerr. After this point, I-490 multiplexes with Rochester's Inner Loop for about two miles.

Sandwiching EB Exit 13 button copy with Alternate shields to try to take some traffic off of I-490 during construction and stick it on the Inner Loop. 490 still gets plenty congested during rush hour but the plan seems to be working.

From Smith St. to Brown St. on State St. SB north of downtown Rochester.

Looking west and east at the reconstructed median from the pedestrian overpass west of Exit 14.

At the end of the WB Exit 14 ramp and a huge old two-panel sign facing back up the ramp.

Across the groovy grooved new Genesee River bridge with un-groovy new Inner Loop shields at the coincidental Exit 15/NY 15. They used to be white on orange but the newest trend is black on white to prevent the orange from fading to yellow and then white to match the text. This is, of course, where the Inner Loop leaves the I-490 multiplex, as much as a numbered route can multiplex with a named one. Does anyone else think it doesn't respect either Frederick Douglass or Susan B. Anthony to name the bridge after both of them? Couldn't they each have their own structures?

Finishing the EB button copy.

Top of the WB Exit 18 ramp.

Two problems with this scene: Shield is even more left-justified than the text (should be centered), and place names don't use apostrophes anymore.

Past the tollbooths at the eastern end of I-490 at I-90, courtesy Doug Kerr.

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