New York Roads - I-290

I-290 WB Exit 3 advance signage - take my word for it. This and the top photo are courtesy Doug Kerr.

Thru Traffic? Thru to Where? Click for the same message when it was still in button copy, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Heading EB at the perfect 3-Y stack that is I-990, all courtesy Doug Kerr. Click on photos 1 and 3 for old BGS's that were gone several years ago. The third photo's old version is especially cool - more Thru Traffic! And if you ask me, the old photo 1 was better - no abbreviations. What's Univ at Buffalo NORTH CAMPUS anyway? State University at least tells me that it's part of SUNY.

Bubble shields infect the milemarkers as well as the overheads. The second photo is WB at the western end of the highway.

The analogue to the bubble shields are the wide-hump shields, here at the base of the WB Exit 6 ramp.

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