New York Roads - I-287

I-287, Cross Westchester Expressway

Okay, who extended US 22 into NY? Contractors' errors are fun. Still up in both directions as of 2004.

Starting you right out with something cool, 1970's Michael Summa photos as I-287 WB leaves I-95 NB and then has a U-turn exit for local traffic that just joined from Midland Ave.

Courtesy Doug Kerr.

Technically the beginning of I-684, but the freeway mainline continues to Hutchinson River Parkway (NY 984J, technically).

Is that North White Plains, or No White Plains as in "No White Plains for you!"? Also a couple of examples of all-text BGS's, the oldest NYSDOT has, dating from somewhere near the completion of the expressway. The last two photos are courtesy Doug Kerr.
Side note: Sequential numbering (and special CWE milemarkers) allows for a fudge factor to accomodate the length of I-287 multiplexed with I-87.

The end of the Exit 3 ramp brings two confusions: the reverse of the normal Parkway shield colors, and a reversal of the order in which a WB traveler would expect to find North and South exits. It's because the SB ramp loops around the top of the interchange.

A 1972 photo from Michael Summa. Not a lot changed into the 2000's until the old signs finally started coming down.

A WB perspective of the newly opened interchange that finally gives enough capacity to I-287 traffic entering and leaving the I-87 New York Thruway mainline; the SB/EB split favors I-287 three lanes to two, so take "mainline" with a grain of salt.

With the new configuration of the I-87/I-287 interchange, this former Exit 1 from I-287 EB is now only accessible from I-87 just south of I-287, even though the ramp runs along 287 for a good half-mile before departing toward this split. The button copy is gone, but enjoy the contrasting shields.

The CWE has a few EXIT ONLY signs with green space in between the two words; the MUTCD has long since been updated to call for a single black-on-yellow EXIT ONLY panel across the bottom of a BGS, arrows included.

Click for daytime closeup of the old I-287 pull-through BGS.

The last two signs are on the ramp to I-684/Westchester Ave. Notice how the original pavement, visible in the third photo, has a one lane exit with the Westchester Ave. ramp tapering to the right, and the second lane of the exit was added about where the Westchester ramp exits. Now, there's a two lane exit, and both lanes head north toward I-684.

The final picture is once more from Westchester Avenue, which acts as the frontage road for much of the central portion of I-287 (since 287 basically stole its right of way). In this case, it not only has its own BGS for the Hutch exits, but the signs on it even have I-287's exit tabs.

Slipping one final photo in from Doug Kerr.

Here are two bonus photos for you. The first is the only shield assembly showing I-287 multiplexed with NY 17, a condition that only lasts a few hundred feet from the NJ border before 17 NB joins I-87 NB and 287 EB (was NB in NJ) joins I-87 SB. The second is signage at that split; I-287 needs an EAST.

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