New York Roads - Triboro Bridge S.

Triboro Bridge (south)

One of the four major bridges of I-278, the Triboro Bridge, in all her glory. Of all four, only the Kosciuszko is not tolled. The Triboro is unique among freeway bridges in that the Manhattan "spur" of the bridge is also considered part of it - and there are even local connections to Randalls Island/Wards Island (same landmass now) right where the three legs meet.

Views of the Triboro and Hell Gate Bridges from Manhattan.

The view north and slightly west from Shore Blvd. in Astoria Park, Queens.

Standing on the west side of the south pier.

We love Triboro! Day and night! Night and day! More Triboro!

Northbound (I-278 EB) across the grandest span of the Triboro, from Queens to Ward's Island - part of New York County, rendering I-278 the only road to connect all five NYC boroughs. Hell Gate Bridge, opened 20 years earlier in 1916, graces East River to the east.

Bonus views of the suspension bridge from Ward's Island, starting west of the bridge and walking under to the east side.

Looking back south at the north portal of the Hell Gate.

This is not just part of the Hell Gate Viaduct north of the bridge, it's a former bridge over Little Hell Gate, the former waterway dividing Ward's and Randall's Islands.

Let's end with some WB button copy, courtesy Doug Kerr. I have no idea what was covered up.

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