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I-278 East, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

Through the brick BQE trench and onto the Exit 27 ramp.

All vehicles over 12'-2" have to take Exit 27 because I-278 then heads under a park and on top of I-278 WB and Furman St., leading to a very compressed situation. The decked roadway affords killer views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge above the twisted railing, but it would have been nice if truckers could have shared in those views. In the next-to-last photo, you can see that a small EXIT ONLY yellow patch has been laid over the older RIGHT LANE, probably because 1) the old method didn't clearly indicate that the right lane would have to exit, and 2) it was white on green, not black on yellow. The sign has since been replaced. (Vehicles over 12'-2" have to exit AGAIN at Exit 28A for the Brooklyn Bridge, but they had no way back on before then, so I really don't get how that's possible. Maybe the Exit 27 warning is premature.)

The Kosciuszko Bridge from Brooklyn to Queens, now marred by a VMS. The last photo is the beginning stages of its replacement, which will rise to its east and tie into an upgraded I-495 interchange.

Leading up to that crossing, here's a decorative lamp post and some lamp post decoration.

After the bridge, taking Exit 35 to I-495 EB brings you underneath the freeway in a rare C-D road/freeway double-deck. In this direction, the structure is the most interesting spectacle, and then the bubble shields after that. The lower level is even done up in fake brickwork like other old NYC expressways.

I-278 EB drops a lane at that interchange, so this truck is in the right lane. The thing that looks like a lane to its right with no striping to the contrary? Not a lane. Probably was a lane once, but the cross hatching didn't hold up on the concrete.

All courtesy Doug Kerr. I-278 briefly joins the Grand Central Parkway in the last photo, making it one of the only Interstates in the country that doesn't allow commercial traffic. (For a short time, I-78 through the Holland Tunnel was another.)

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Exit 39 (now 42) to I-278 Spur, BQE East Leg
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Exit 28B to the Brooklyn Bridge
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Exit 35 to I-495
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Exit 39 (now 42) to the Grand Central Parkway
Exit 39 (now 42) to LaGuardia Airport
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