New York Roads - I-278

Contractor errors often switch state and US routes, but rarely mess up on Interstates. This is the only US-I swap I know of (there was the reverse case in Washington D.C., where I-50 mysteriously made an appearance), courtesy Doug Kerr.

Staten Island and Gowanus Expressways
 ~ Abandoned Richmond Parkway/I-278 interchange
 ~ Verrazano Narrows Bridge

 ~ Underneath the Gowanus Expressway

Brooklyn-Queens Expressway:
 ~ Eastbound
 ~ Westbound
 ~ Cross streets

 ~ I-278 Spur (BQE East Leg)

Triboro Bridge (south)
Triboro Bridge (north) and Bruckner Expressway

I-278 is a horrid excuse for an Interstate, patched onto a network of existing highways including the Staten Island, Gowanus, BQE (Brooklyn-Queens), and Bruckner Expressways... and the Grand Central PARKWAY. Until recent overpass reconstruction, trucks had to use Astoria Blvd., because the parkway was not designed for trucks. (Trucks are not allowed on parkways, but that was not an issue once it became an Interstate.) Also, I-278 goes to one lane more than once, such as when exiting between the BQE and the GCP.

The BQE SB, but not I-278 WB. This is a spur from the Grand Central Parkway WB in a long wye interchange, so long there are intermediate exits.

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