New York Roads - I-278

Contractor errors often switch state and US routes, but rarely mess up on Interstates. This is the only US-I swap I know of (there was the reverse case in Washington D.C., where I-50 mysteriously made an appearance), courtesy Doug Kerr.

Staten Island and Gowanus Expressways
~ Abandoned Richmond Parkway/I-278 interchange
~ Verrazano Narrows Bridge
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
~ Kosciuszko Bridge
Triboro Bridge (south)
Triboro Bridge (north) and Bruckner Expressway

I-278 is a horrid excuse for an Interstate, patched onto a network of existing highways including the Staten Island, Gowanus, BQE (Brooklyn-Queens), and Bruckner Expressways... and the Grand Central PARKWAY. This means that trucks have to use Astoria Boulevard, because trucks are not allowed on parkways. Also, I-278 goes to one lane more than once, such as when exiting between the BQE and the GCP.

The BQE SB, but not I-278 WB. This is a spur from the Grand Central Parkway WB in a long wye interchange, so long there are intermediate exits. The first photo enters from Astoria Blvd. WB.

Follow I-278 into New Jersey
Exit 43 to NY 25A
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