New York Roads - Henry Hudson Pkwy.

Henry Hudson Parkway

The first two signs are still on the very northern tip of Henry Hudson Parkway, which up till Exit 23B was NY 9A. Contractor tried to get a little fancy on that second one, or maybe forgot he hit Control-U. The two parkways... oops... The two parkways, Henry Hudson and Saw Mill River, change over at the Bronx/Yonkers line, and ought to just be one name.

The southbound end of the Saw Mill into the beginning of the Henry Hudson. NY 9A comes down from US 9 to join, so continue south via the links below.

Continue south on Henry Hudson Parkway to NY 9A north of Manhattan
Henry Hudson Parkway/NY 9A, I-95 to Bronx
Spuyten Duyvil and the Henry Hudson Bridge
Henry Hudson Parkway/NY 9A south of I-95

Exit 23 to US 9
Exit 24 to Mosholu Parkway
Exit 24 to I-87
Continue north on Saw Mill River Parkway
See more of the Bronx
Henry Hudson Parkway on Steve Anderson's
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