New York Roads - Garden State Pkwy. Connector

Garden State Parkway Connector

Entering New York, you see that New York State has apparently become Thomas E. Dewey. Or vice versa.

This is not just the last NY exit, but the only SB exit/NB entrance on the Parkway Connector (the only NB exit is below, but there is no corresponding SB entrance). Since this is the Parkway Connector from the Thruway, trucks are allowed on it (technically not a NYS Parkway), but NJ bans them from its northern 45 or so miles. The Connector is not only suffix-mileposted, but reverse-mileposted; as a branch of the Thruway, it has mile 0 at the main roadway, and gets to around 2.4 before hitting the NJ line.

A different milepost style, with GS horizontal instead of vertical.

Northbound at the end of the Parkway. The first photo has a perfectly fine sign on the right (note how rounded NY likes its BGS's), but the one on the left not only has a nonstandard exit tab, but also series E lettering for its older I-87 shield. The second photo corrects the font problem, has two old shields instead of one, and then adds the lack of a separating line to the error of failing to demarcate its exit tab. The Nanuet exit is a long ramp that feeds into a local road that eventually takes motorists to NY 59 - useful when the Tappan Zee has backed traffic up to Exit 15 or beyond (59 and US 9 take motorists to Exit 10, right by the bridge). The striping hints that this was supposed to be a separate exit lane, with two through lanes continuing onto the Thruway, but that would run into the problem of there being no added lane and a limited merge distance. What that suggests to me is that this was originally paved when the Thruway was only two lanes each way to the west and the Parkway Connector added a through lane. But there has been so much time to just not repave the outer portion and let it crumble that I wonder if it's being maintained for a future widening from here east.

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