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Fulton County

Heading west out of Bleecker.

As soon as CR 143 starts, you're warned that it ends. Maple Grove Rd. keeps going north from Northville until it hits the Hamilton County line, becoming CR 21 but losing its pavement. CR 21 is most certainly a dead end from here.

Main St. at Reed St. in Northville, not yet up to CR 143. I said Reed St., but the sign says Ellsworth Ave. I don't know who to believe.

All in Johnstown, all courtesy Lou Corsaro, and there are more on the NY 29 page. The first is Perry St. at Montgomery St., the last is Market St. at Green St. Collect them all!

CR 154 WB, State St. west from NY 30A and NY 349. This was part of NY 148, which became NY 30A, until Gloversville was bypassed around 1960. It must have kept a state reference route for some time longer than that, because these signs appear to be NYSDOT standard from the 1970s. Maybe not the Hospital diamond, which I've never seen before.

Main St. in Broadalbin, at and past Center St. Fulton is one of those counties that likes its wide 3dcr shields.

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