New York Roads - Old NY 30 (Fort Rd.)

Fort Road in Schoharie, Old NY 30

Old NY 30, Fort Rd., proceeding southward across a bridge and to the original concrete roadway, sadly covered by asphalt. You don't know me to skip over covered bridges so quickly, but this one's brand-new, and it doesn't even replace an older one - there was just a regular ol' span there. Schoharie wanted some covered bridge charm, but until it ages 100 years, it just looks tacky.

Up the hill a little further, past a sign that seems old enough to date from when NY 30 was originally rerouted off of Fort Rd., and then turned back around north again. The pre-covered bridge must have been open for this sign to be posted, but given that it's a town-erected sign (the state wouuld never name the village or arrange the words SPEED and LIMIT next to each other), it can't be too too old.

Historical blue sign on the west side of Fort Rd., and inexplicable milepost on the east side, both south of the bridge. N. Main and 100 are painted in dark red on white, but this road hasn't been N. Main for a long time, and you tell me what's 100 away from here and how many each of the 100 is.

Back and front of the original NY embossed distance sign, formerly helping SB traffic but now turned 90 degrees with its back facing the roadway. Notice how well the sign is fastened to the pole, with a pair of iron braces where now a bolt or two would suffice.

North on the northern side of the bridge, through a terribly confusing intersection. NY 443 splits in a wye at NY 30, with each leg carrying two directions of traffic (so that SB-EB traffic crosses WB-SB traffic). In the middle of that wye runs half of Fort Rd., the old alignment of NY 30 curving back into the current alignment. Fort has its own bi-directional wye, which splits to the east along NY 443. In other words, current NY 30 runs to the west of the original wye intersection, and NY 443 splits it right down the middle, but for a short stub of a dead-end, Fort Rd. gets to keep the overpowered pieces of the intersection.

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