New York Roads - FDR Dr. SB

Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive southbound

Starting with a view of Hells Gate Bridge, and ending at the Exit 15 onramp.

The first cut-and-cover tunnel is for Carl Schurz Park, which overlooks the top of Roosevelt Island. This was East River Drive while FDR was alive.

The second tunnel is for air-rights buildings just south of the Queensboro Bridge. The Roosevelt Island Tramway is on the north side of the bridge, with towers aligned to minimize visual impact (and because that's where it makes sense to place towers, really the driving factor here).

Click to drive through that tunnel.

The sign at the 62nd St. onramp to FDR SB, the route for traffic coming off of the Queensboro (59th St.) Bridge.

The last two photos are on the Exit 8 ramp as it becomes a vertically separated frontage road down to 34th St.

Back on from 34th St. at Exit 8, then back off and under FDR Drive on the Exit 7 ramp.

Past the Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges, in that order.

Another under-view of FDR Drive, now from Exit 3, similar in appearance to Exit 7.

As part of a 2008 art project, waterfalls were installed around the city, including one right by the Brooklyn Bridge (that almost drowned a pair of boaters) and this one that I believe is the Brooklyn Piers (the other alternative is Governor's Island).

Down to the very end of FDR Drive; it goes through a tunnel and comes out West Street, mysteriously turning from a reference route into NY 9A while passing UNDER the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (I-478).

It's a pretty dark tunnel, too.

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Exit 2 to the Brooklyn Bridge
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Exit 17 to Grand Central Parkway
Exit 18 to I-87, Major Deegan Expressway
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