New York Roads - FDR Dr. NB

Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive northbound

Past the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Photos proceed down Exit 8, which ends up underneath FDR Drive before heading straight into the opposite onramp/offramp pair.

An optometrist ought to check out whoever thought this assembly of signs looked appropriate.

That there is the Queensboro Bridge.

This here looks north from the tramway adjacent to the Queensboro. It connects Manhattan to Roosevelt Island as an alternative to the subway, and it's worth it for views like this and on the Queensboro Bridge page (see link at bottom). You can see a little here of how FDR Drive weaves around and under/through buildings.

FDR Drive flies over the entrance from 62nd St.

This is the last of the long underpasses/cut-and-cover tunnels along FDR Drive, which then affords some views of the southern leg of the Triboro Bridge, Hells Gate Bridge (the red railroad arch behind the Triboro), and the pointy pedestrian-only Wards Island Bridge. The third photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Approaching the end of FDR Drive, the exit numbers run straight into Harlem River Drive, since both Drives are really the same roadway.

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