New York Roads - Dutchess Co.

Dutchess County

Along either CR 8 or 9, this wins world's longest route number.

CR 24 EB, CR 62 NB, CR 63 NB: Beekman, Rudd Pond, and Boston Corners Rds.

Off the numbered routes, I'm looking east from Perrys Corner Rd. north of Amenia.

I don't know what may be under the plastic bag, but I do know that this pedestal in Beacon originally had on top of it - a beacon! Well, a traffic signal, but now the painted concrete is just a raised roundabout. Main St. at East Main St., which do intersect as opposed to turning into each other.

NY 376 SB in Poughkeepsie, before the new roundabouts at Vassar College. I am pretty sure that the Raymond Avenue Extension between the two directions of US 44/NY 55 is part of NY 376, but the first sign, at Main St. (original 44/55), seems to indicate otherwise.

Further southbound along NY 376, with NJ-style shields, at NY 113 (to the right, Spackenkill Rd.) and CR 77 (straight, Vassar Rd.). Notice that going straight from NY 376, which passes along the west side of Vassar College, takes you onto Vassar Road. Hmm.

Take NY 113, keep going past its end at US 9, and here's the exit for IBM. I bet they designed the sign themselves. (That would explain why there are three posts for something that can stay up on just one, and certainly two.)

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