New York Roads - Delaware Co.

Delaware County

The off-centered 26 is on Hawleys-Downsville Rd. at East River Rd., if you're ever in the area looking at a covered bridge (NY 206).

CR 27 begins out of the end of a road alternately labeled as "NYC" or "BWS" Road 7 since it travels through the NYC-owned Cannonsville Reservoir under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Water Supply. Turn right for more old signs.

Older signs on CR 67 NB nearing Dry Brook Rd.

I do not approve at all of the NB and SB signs at the junction. Straight arrows would be acceptable, but then you wouldn't see this on my site.

Usually you'd see street names on street signs and destinations on destination signs, but in rural Delaware Co... this is on Franklin Depot Rd. at Wheat Hill Rd. In true rural fashion, it was someone's job to hand repaint the letters and arrow after "FRA".

Embossed, east from there on Franklin Depot Rd.

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