New York Roads - Rockland CR 98

CR 98, Willow Grove Rd., EB at grade-separated wildflowers. It's the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

WB just west of the Palisades Pkwy., a more modern and poorly put-together historical marker, also with the wrong color scheme and the wrong state outline.

It looks better than the job done by Orange County, but there's no need for a warning sign here. Clearly, all of the deer are leaping away from the road.

For this sequence, turn left from Secor Rd. onto CR 98 WB. You'll pass the overhead button copy warning you of signals, but there's only one signal after this. It's at CR 94, and has tiny green lights in all directions. I fail to see how this signal assembly could have come about - who decided green lights were so much less important that they could be ordered in a smaller size?

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