New York Roads - Suffolk CR 94A

Suffolk CR 94A

CR 94A is only a few hundred feet long. This is the southern end, with a blisteringly old NY 24 shield (notice the notched "2"). I wonder if it has an NY above the number? Someone has to peel off the JCT to check. The three CR 94 assemblies have three different numeral styles, somehow. NY 24 used to end here in Riverhead, with a long gap before the other piece in Nassau County, but CR 94 was built to extend it to I-495, albeit with county maintenance. Long Island Ave. bridges much of the gap, and in fact was NY 24 for a brief time, but there appears to be no lasting solution to NY 24's problem.

Whichever lane you choose, they both curve to the right. The left lane then turns left in a sort of circle to get to NY 24 SB. CR 51 is not related to NY 24, but happens to begin right around here. This 51 shield was recycled from a 50 shield, and it's not the only example at this intersection. Check out the NY 24 page (linked below) for more.

CR 94A NB at the other end.

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