New York Roads - Cattaraugus CR 86/86-2

As it turns out, internally these routes are CR 86-1 and 86-2, based on the little green tags found on the backs of signposts. As on CR 12, CR 86-1 (technically therefore 86A) is signed as the regular route. Standard practice would be that 86-2 would also be signed as CR 86, but in this rare case there was a disconnect somewhere along the line, perhaps because the road was never completed as a spur from CR 86/86A/86-1. So now it appears that the pair is referred to as 86-1 and 86-2 by most sources. I'm sticking with plain 86 for the "1" route because if not for CR 86-2, that's what it would be.

Along the "1" route. The signblade agrees with my interpretation (as did the following shield, shown atop the page).

To the end of the "2" route, where the power lines continue into deer hunting territory but the road does not follow.

Onto NY 240 (in back of the little green tag on 86-2)
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