New York Roads - Broome CR 73

Broome CR 73

SB past Greater Binghamton Airport. The rurality here is pushing "greater" despite the short distance to the city.

Jumping up to the north end of the route, Knapp Rd. ends at Dunham Hill Rd., CR 132.

CR 132 used to be the through road in a T but, probably thanks to the airport, CR 73 now flows straight into CR 132 to the east, so 132 EB comes to a "T" intersection and faces this error sign. Did you spot it? Route 11 is in NYS but it is not a state route.

The reason I jumped north and the reason CR 132 was realigned is the former Knapp Rd. alignment, looking south from CR 132 just west of the current intersection. It loses a little in the snow but you can see where it went. I'm not sure why this part needed to be bypassed instead of just rounding off the intersection.

The realignment happened in 2010, so it's not surprising that there's still a remnant sign in these NB photos. I wouldn't recommend testing that limit.

The south end of the old alignment flows into Anoka Rd., the open part of old CR 73. Anoka Rd. has some curvature to it so it makes sense to have bypassed this part to improve airport access.The second photo looks north from Anoka Rd. along part of the old alignment to the current T intersection.

Anoka Rd. ends at a stop sign ahead and you can go left or right. Until 2010, this was CR 73 SB and all traffic followed this sharp right curve. Forgetting this sign removal is more forgivable since the alignment wasn't abandoned and cleared.

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