New York Roads - Ulster CR 7, Wallkill Valley RR Bridge

and Wallkill Valley Railroad Bridge

Not so fast - these are two sides of the same once-old sign on the south side of town. They did the same thing to a once-old sign on the north side of town, or else they're skilled at creating unnecessarily embossed new signs.

Just after leaving Gardiner, do this.

CR 9 SB splits from CR 7.

North from there toward US 44.

Turn from the end of Dug Rd. onto CR 7 NB, and you pass the shield on top followed by this sign on the left.

Across Rondout Creek up to a short multiplex to the left. The bridge is old, and you can see how old. The JCT sign is new, and you can see how ugly. Apparently CR 7 was County Road 113 back then - it still very well could be the semi-hidden county designation underneath the signed route, as Ulster County mysteriously maintains a separate numbering system. Note that the state built the bridge, perhaps because NY 213 is right there, and maybe even as part of a project shoring up the river on the 213 side. (NY 213 has several visible survey markers in this area - check out the page linked at bottom - and in fact, the ones I photographed are also on CR 7, an extra reason to go click.)

As I'm crossing the creek, I see this bridge to the west. Actually, the order of the trip was somewhat the reverse of that, but I'll pretend to be surprised that it's there and in fact can be approached and walked out upon.

In a small parking area just off CR 7 on Mountain Rd., looking at an old right of way stake that may have been around in the railroad days and then looking south at the rest of the rail trail. It ends at this bridge.

Up to the bridge and the east and west sides of the southern abutment, now modified for pedestrian traffic.

Onto the bridge and looking across Rondout Creek at Rosendale to the northeast and northwest.

Looking west and east along Rondout Creek. CR 7 crosses the red bridge.

As far north as my camera will go. In just a few more feet, the trail can take hikers and bikers across the river!

Back to the trailhead parking.

It's a long way down when you're above the treetops.

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