New York Roads - Former Rockland CR 69

Cedar Flats Rd., former Rockland CR 69

NB at the entrance ramp to the Palisades Interstate Pkwy. NB. It's a very long ramp that follows a stream, which ends up in the median of the Parkway to the north for a bit. Exit 15 (with CR 106) is already complete, so the ramp either saves you thirty seconds or serves about 100 people on CR 69. That's all I can tell.

Rockland County needs to step on the sign replacement, here NB, before it all flakes off the metal backing.

Saving the best for last, again, the famous bowtie shield. It dates to when CR 106 was still NY 210, but at the same time it must have been county-erected even though shields on major intersecting roads tend to be state-erected.

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